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Vacuum Truck Services in Whitehorse, YT

Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd offers prompt and dependable vacuum truck services in Whitehorse and surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. We can pump out liquids, solids, sludge, oil, grease, and grey water from your facilities and dispose of them safely.


All of our service people are trained to complete every job to exacting standards for the safety of our customers and the community. We offer regularly scheduled service, 24-hour emergency services to deal with unexpected events as well as septic services and portable toilet rentals. Get in touch with us to know more about how our vacuum truck services in Whitehorse can help you.

Vacuum Truck
portable toilet rental or septic service

At Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd, our services stand apart from the rest, and the spelling of our name is no exception. Whether it is a portable toilet rental or septic service, “Commitment 2 Customers” has always been our 1st priority!

Our vacuum services include:

Drain, sump, pit and trench cleanout
Tank pumping (holding tanks, underground waste tanks)
Spill cleanup
Processed water disposal
Sewer water drains
Overflowing storm systems
Catch and drainage basins
Non-hazardous liquids and sludge disposal

Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd is your reliable source for all of your vacuum truck needs. Contact us today!

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Truck Services

Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd offers a fleet of well-maintained, industry-grade vacuum trucks to handle the waste for everything from water to heavy sludge. We also can remove sand, dirt and debris from your car wash or parking stormwater drains. From a routine cleanup service to a time-critical outage or emergency service, we do it all! Call us for a safe, efficient and prompt solution to all your commercial and industrial vacuum truck needs in Whitehorse and surrounding areas.  

Residential Vacuum Truck Services

Septic tanks and drain pipes on residential properties require regular maintenance and repair from time to time to function efficiently. Our experts can help repair clogged or overflowing pipes. Contact our experts at Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd to keep your septic and sewer facilities maintained and problem free! 

Superior Customer Service

Vacuum Truck


Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd. is committed to delivering superior customer services. Our vacuum truck professionals are trained to provide expert services. We can assure you that we will do the job right the first time and exceed your expectations. 

We offer regularly scheduled and unscheduled as well as emergency services. When you schedule a service with us, we will ensure the safe removal of all liquids, sludge and solids as well as a thorough cleaning of the trenches. 

Moreover, we can assure you that waste disposal will be conducted following all safety regulations. We use modern techniques and equipment so that you can be served with the best. We are always prepared to handle any complex vacuum truck jobs for you. 

We also provide septic services, holding tanks, portable toilet rentals and grease traps along with our vacuum truck services in Whitehorse. Please get in touch with our team of experienced professionals for a free assessment! 


Benefits of Vacuum Truck Services


Vacuum truck services are the best way through which you can maintain clean and healthy residential and business spaces. A vacuum tank truck can remove and safely store wastewater and other large or small waste materials easily.


Our experts have compiled a list of benefits which you can experience with our vacuum truck services:


  • They are environment-friendly

  • Incredibly useful in rescue missions

  • Keeps your home & work sites clean

  • Useful in a HAZMAT emergency

  • They are versatile in nature

  • They are cost-effective & efficient

 It is always safe to have a clean and hygienic environment to prevent severe health issues.

an old couple


  Senior Discount Available for septic services!
Seniors in Whitehorse and surrounding areas can take advantage of our reduced rates.

Experienced Vacuum Truck Services in Whitehorse, YT

If you are looking for professional vacuum truck services for your Whitehorse homes and offices, get in touch with Northwest Vaccuum Truck Service Ltd. today.

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