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Vacuum Truck Services in Whitehorse, Yukon - Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd

Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd, located in Whitehorse, provides efficient and reliable vacuum truck services catering to residential and commercial customers in Whitehorse and its surrounding areas. Specializing in pumping out liquids, sludge, oil, grease, and gray water, we ensure the safe and appropriate site disposal of these materials from your facility.


Our team of service professionals undergoes training to meet the industry standards, prioritizing the safety of our customers and the community. Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd offers regularly scheduled services, 24-hour emergency assistance for unforeseen events, septic services and portable toilet rentals. 

Discover how our reliable vacuum truck services in Whitehorse can address your needs. Contact us today to learn more about Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd and how we can assist you.

Vacuum Truck
portable toilet rental or septic service

At Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd, our services stand apart from the rest, and the spelling of our name is no exception. Whether it is a portable toilet rental or septic service, “Commitment 2 Customers” has always been our 1st priority! Discover exceptional Vacuum Truck Services in Whitehorse with Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd.

Our vacuum truck services in Whitehorse encompass:

Drain, sump, pit and trench cleanout
Tank pumping (holding tanks, underground waste tanks)
Spill cleanup
Processed water disposal
Sewer water drains
Overflowing storm systems
Catch and drainage basins
Non-hazardous liquids and sludge disposal

Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd is your trusted partner for all your vacuum truck service requirements in Whitehorse. Contact us today!

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Truck Services

Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd provides a fleet of well-maintained, industry-grade vacuum trucks tailored to manage waste ranging from water to heavy sludge. Our comprehensive services include removing water-based sand, dirt, and debris from car washes or parking stormwater sumps. Contact us for a secure, efficient, and timely solution to all your commercial and industrial vacuum truck needs in Whitehorse and the surrounding areas. Trust Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd for top-notch service and reliability.

Residential Vacuum Truck Services

Residential septic tanks need regular maintenance. Our experts can help. Contact us at Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd to keep your septic and sewer facilities maintained and problem-free! If you're in Whitehorse, Yukon and need top-notch vacuum truck services, look no further than Northwest Vacuum Service Ltd for all your residential septic and sewer maintenance needs.

Superior Customer Service

Vacuum Truck

Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd. is committed and has the reputation in delivering superior customer service. Our vacuum truck drivers are required to provide reliable services. We will do the job right the first time. 


Moreover, we assure you that waste disposal will follow all safety regulations. We are always prepared to handle any complex vacuum truck jobs for you. 

We also provide septic services, holding tanks, portable toilet rentals, grease traps, and our vacuum truck services in Whitehorse. Please contact our team of experienced professionals for a free assessment!


Benefits of Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum truck services are the best way to easily remove wastewater and other large and small waste material.


Our experts have compiled a list of benefits you can experience with our vacuum truck services:


  • Environmentally friendly: Our vacuum truck services prioritize environmental sustainability, offering a responsible solution for waste disposal.


  • Clean home and work sites: Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd helps you maintain cleanliness at home and work sites by effectively removing waste, contributing to a healthier environment.


  • HAZMAT emergency support: Our services extend to handling hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and providing a reliable solution for emergencies that involve dangerous substances.


  • Versatility: Our vacuum trucks are versatile and can handle a range of waste materials, making them a flexible and efficient choice for various scenarios.


  • Cost-effective and efficient: Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd offers cost-effective solutions prioritizing efficiency, ensuring your waste management needs are met without breaking the bank.

Create a clean and hygienic environment in Whitehorse with Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd's vacuum truck services. Prevention of severe health issues starts with proper waste management, and we are here to provide you with reliable and effective solutions.

Reliable Vacuum Truck Services in Whitehorse, YT

If you need top-notch vacuum truck services in Whitehorse for residential or commercial properties, contact Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd today. Our team is ready to assist you with efficient and reliable solutions.

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