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Convenient Porta Potty Toilet Rentals in Whitehorse


If you are planning a get-together, managing a construction site or organizing an event in Whitehorse or the Yukon area, make sure you have enough portable outhouses and hand wash stations. It is important to make sure that your guests are not caught in uncomfortable situation.


At Northwest Vaccuum Service Ltd, we have a large inventory of porta potties in Whitehorse, that you can rent on a monthly, weekly, daily or on an hourly basis. The portable toilets that we deliver are available in 2 sizes: the 30- Gallon Portable Toilet (Small Box), the 50-gallon Portable Toilet (Big Box) and hand wash stations.


As we said, we fully understand your need for sanitation and hygiene. So, our team makes sure that the portable toilets supplied to you have been cleaned properly. We will also provide you with emergency services if needed. What’s more? We have some great deals for you! Call us for a quote today!

Porta Potty Toilet Rentals sizes

We have a variety of portable toilets that you can choose from. These include:

The “Small Box” 30-gallon Portable Toilet
These ultra-portable units are great for use during the winter months, as well as for remote locations and moves. Due to its size, a vacuum truck refresh is needed between uses. We can help you plan which toilet rental is right for your job site or special event.


The “Big Box” 50-gallon Portable Toilet
This all-in-one rental unit is ideal for larger events such as festivals and weddings.


Hand Wash Station Rentals
Take a look at the different options we offer:


  •  Sanitation Foam Stations
    Our foam-based system is ideal for wintertime applications, as well as those in remote locations, such as on a job site. This unit doesn’t freeze during the winter and can be transported easily.


  • Water-based Hand Wash Stations
    The water-based system is not as portable due to the weight of the grey water tank. Although many users prefer a more traditional hand-cleaning method, this system may freeze during the winter months. This system also requires water refills from a tanker truck.


Benefits of Portable Toilet Rentals

Keeps your personal restroom clean
Reduces the possibility of people having to wait for long to use the washroom
Removes geographical restrictions on event venues and allows you to focus on problems other than the availability of restrooms
Eliminates the need for
You will not have to spend time and energy cleaning them

Clean Portable Toilet Rentals in Whitehorse, Surrounding Areas of the Yukon and Northern BC

Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd is passionate about helping our clients throughout Whitehorse and surrounding areas of northern BC. Our goal is to provide high-quality portable toilet rentals to our customers. When you rent a portable toilet from us you will get clean, dependable service, and great deals. Our portable toilets and restroom trailers are maintained by trained service people and are delivered completely sanitized.


Call us to learn more about our rental services.

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Promotions and Offers

 Senior Discount Available for septic services!
Seniors in Whitehorse and surrounding areas can take advantage of our reduced rates.

Portable Toilet Rentals

Do you have a get-together or any special event happening at your place? Do you need to rent out portable toilets? If so, call us now.

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