Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet Rentals in Whitehorse

Northwest Vaccuum Service’s toilet rentals are the perfect for get-togethers, special events, and contractors on the jobsite. Spring, summer, winter, and fall we offer multiple packages of rental toilets, including:

The “Big Box” 50-Gallon Portable Toilet

This all-in-one rental unit is ideal for larger events such as festivals and weddings. Due to its size, a vacuum truck refresh is needed between uses. We can help you plan which toilet rental is right for your jobsite or special event – call us today

The “Small Box” 30-Gallon Portable Toilet

These ultra-portable units are great for use during the winter months, as well as for remote locations and moves.

Hand Wash Station Rentals

Northwest Vaccuum Service offers two types of hand-washing stations, including water-based and the other based on sanitizing foam.

Water-Based Hand Wash Stations

The water-based system is not as portable due to the weight of the gray water tank. Although many users prefer a more traditional hand-cleaning method, this system may freeze during the winter months. This system also requires water refills from a tanker truck.

Sanitation Foam Stations

Our foam-based system is ideal for wintertime applications, as well as those in remote locations, such as on a jobsite. This unit will not freeze during the winter and can be easily transported.

Discover Northwest Vaccuum Service’s Commitment 2 Customers – call us for all your portable toilet needs!

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