Septic Tank and Grease Trap Cleaning in Whitehorse

If you are looking for grease trap cleaning services in Whitehorse, we are here to help you. Since 1986, Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd. has been providing grease trap cleaning services in Whitehorse. We offer grease trap and catch basin cleaning services to restaurants, hotels and fast food outlets. Our professionals understand the grease trap system and know how to keep waste water moving.

Large amounts of oil from food preparation in restaurants and fast food outlets can overwhelm a waste water treatment facility, causing the release of untreated water and sewage into the environment. Cooking grease and other fats can combine with disposed materials to block pipes. Grease traps can reduce the amount of oils, fats and greases that enters the sewer lines. A restaurant should have grease traps cleaned at least once in three months. If you own or operate a commercial kitchen or restaurant that is particularly busy, you should consider having your grease traps cleaned and serviced frequently. 

Our experienced professionals can take care of any grease trap cleaning problems efficiently. Count on us for grease trap cleaning services in your food preparation facility. Our staff will work with you to schedule a service that is convenient for you and your customers. Call us today for catch basin and grease trap cleaning services in Whitehorse.

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