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Septic Tank Cleaning Services in Whitehorse

Are you searching for a dependable contractor for your septic tank cleaning needs? Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd has provided trustworthy septic tank cleaning services in Whitehorse and the surrounding Yukon areas since 1986. Our services are curated for both residential and commercial clients. Additionally, we offer extraction services for excess or contaminated water from puddles, lagoons, holding tanks, septic tanks, and more. Contact us today and we will gladly arrange an appointment for you.

Quality Is What We Pursue

At Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd, we specialize in septic tank cleaning to ensure the smooth operation of your drain and septic systems in Whitehorse, Yukon. Our skilled service professionals are trained in septic tank maintenance, providing prompt and exceptional services.


With a focus on efficiency, our team is committed to completing the job swiftly while maintaining high service standards. Our wealth of experience sets us apart, and we take pride in our earned customers through hard work, dedication, and honesty. Our comprehensive services include:

Septic tank services
Septic tank assessments
Grease traps

Floor, parking lot sumps, oil pits

Why Is Septic Tank Cleaning Essential?

Septic systems in commercial and residential properties filter the wastewater before it gets absorbed as groundwater. Your septic system comprises a septic tank and a leaching bed, commonly called a septic field. The septic tank receives household waste, facilitating the settling of solids and allowing the liquid to flow into the septic field. The wastewater flow may be impeded if the tank becomes laden with sludge and solids. Additionally, excess sludge in the septic tank can hinder the separation of sewage particles, leading to potential blockages in your drains. Septic tank cleaning must take place regularly to ensure a healthy septic system.

How Will Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Benefit You?

You depend on the septic system to ensure your business or home is clean and your plumbing flows properly. A septic tank separates the wastewater's solids, allowing the waste water to pass through. What would happen if it fails? With regular septic tank cleaning, you are assured the septic system will run smoothly as it should. Maintenance is an effective way to keep your costs down when you want to avoid the high expenses of septic problems. If you have questions about our septic tank pumping services in Whitehorse, talk to one of our team members today. 

Benefits of Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Being one of Whitehorse's leading septic tank cleaning service providers, our employees know what your septic tank needs. Minimizing health risks and contributing positively to the environment, a regular septic tank cleaning has many other benefits, such as:


  • Check your septic system
    Hiring a professional to clean your septic tank is important for regularly maintaining your septic system. Our experienced employees evaluate your septic tank to identify potential problem areas. Focusing on the serious issues to prevent damage is also a major role of septic tank cleaning services.


  • Avoids the build-up of waste
    Regular septic tank cleaning ensures that there is no accumulation of waste in the tank. Left untreated, it can lead to severe damage, and the entire septic system replacement is expensive. Cleaning and maintaining your tank regularly ensures a longer life for your septic system.


Best Practices To Maintain Your Septic Tank

Some important practices you can follow to keep your septic tank maintained:


  • Do not use your septic system as a waste disposal system. Paints, bleach, solvents, cooking fats, baby wipes and other materials should not be flushed into the sewage system.


  • The septic tank should be pumped approximately every two years. Regular pumping out of the system is very important.

  • Prevent rainwater, roof drains and water pump discharge from draining over the septic bed area. It reduces the system's effectiveness by limiting its ability to dispose of wastewater.


  • Always seek the help of a professional to solve your septic tank issues.

Why Choose Us

We are here to offer our clients cost-effective septic tank cleaning services. Our service personnel are proficient at cleaning septic tanks. Routine septic cleaning is essential to maintaining your septic system in optimal working condition. We are at your service if you require septic tank cleaning services in Whitehorse, the surrounding Yukon, and Northern BC areas. Each member of our team approaches their job with care and diligence. With our regular septic cleaning services, you can anticipate trouble-free operations.


Quality Services at Affordable Rates

Restore your septic tank optimally with our dependable cleaning services. Northwest Vaccuum Services Ltd is your trusted partner for septic tank cleaning in Whitehorse.

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